50 Years of ISD exhibition

50 Years of ISD exhibition

The 50 Years of ISD exhibition was compiled especially for the anniversary week. It will remain on display in both campuses for everyone to explore and to enjoy.

 The theme or “Leitmotif” of this exhibition is “bridges”.

 There are many different kinds of bridges. The most prominent and visible ones are the physical structures that connect two places. We can also think of bridges in a metaphorical sense, and you will discover throughout this exhibition the recurring symbol of bridges as connectors between places, times, people, and ideas.

The exhibition is not chronological. Instead, it focuses on the many facets of life and learning at ISD. There are exhibits on our Model United Nations programme, Project Tanzania, theatre and music festivals, outdoor learning, Green Team, and product design (to name only a few). There is plenty to see and to learn.

This exhibition is also meant to be interactive for you. Below you will find around 50 frames that are hanging along the walls of the south building and the elementary school, with short videos that can be watched on your iPad or smart phone. Please feel free to explore the stories and messages and discover more about ISD’s colourful past and present.

 As you will see, the exhibition has had input from several ISD staff and students, and we thank everyone involved for their contributions. A lot of thought and effort has gone into producing these exhibits, which make for a fitting tribute to our school and its history.



 To view the exhibition videos on your phone or Ipad, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Download the app: 
    1. On your mobile device (phone or tablet) download the HP Reveal App (App Store or Google Play).
    2. From your computer, follow the links and install on your device (App Store or Google Play).
    3. HP Reveal may ask for access to your camera, please allow access.
  2. Create an account:
    1. You will need to create an account to follow the Channel, use either a personal account or your username@isdedu.de account. 
  3. Join the Channel:
    1. Using the following link: ISD_50th (http://auras.ma/s/zFEe7), follow the ISD_50th Channel
    2. Or Search for the channel: ISD_50th.
    3. Click to follow.
  4. Watch the Videos:
    1. Find an image in the Elementary School or South Building that you would like to know more about.
    2. With the HP Reveal App in VIEW  mode (pulsing circles), scan the image with your screen.  The pulsating circles will then turn into concentric circles and the video will begin to play.  
    3. Please use either your personal earbuds or those provided to listen to the stories of ISD.
  5. Refresh the Channel
    1. If you do not see all of the ‘Auras’ within the channel, you may need to refresh the channel. 
    2. Using the SEARCH (magnifying glass) button, navigate to the EXPLORE page of the HP Reveal App.  Pull down to refresh your ‘Auras’.