Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities


ISD Sports and Activities Program


The mantra of the ISD Sports and  Activities Programme is “get involved.” The programme is four-pronged consisting of:


Performing Arts at ISD


Theatre Arts at ISD provides opportunities for students and the wider school community to learn and develop through collaboratively creating, playing, improvising, revising and performing.

Whether you are a student, staff, or community member, we welcome all to become involved in one of our many theatre productions. In addition to offering a full MYP and IB Theatre Arts curriculum, we regularly produce four or more large-scale performances each year with approximately 150 students, parents, and staff working together on stage, backstage and in the light and sound booth. Our main stage, the Dahms Theatre, seats 350 and our small black box theatre, The Studio, offers flexible seating and staging options.

The ISD Performance Programme has over ten different music ensembles and sees around 170 students, teachers, and parents getting involved in rehearsals and concerts. These choral and instrumental ensembles stretch across all styles of music including, classical, pop, traditional wind band, jazz, fusion and rock. Ensembles are run on timetables meeting before, during or after the school. Both, students and the wider ISD community, participate in our ensembles.

As an added bonus for students who participate in the performance programme, ISD annually attends approximately three to four Association of Music in International Schools (AMIS) festivals around the globe.

Current ISD Performance Program:

  • Discovery Band
  • Elementary Choir
  • Junior Concert Band
  • Junior Jazz Band
  • Junior Choir
  • Senior Wind Ensemble
  • Senior Jazz Big Band
  • Senior Jazz Combo
  • Senior Choir
  • ISD String Ensemble
  • Community Band
  • ISD Jazz (Choir)
  • ISD Singers