Diploma Programme (DP)

Diploma Programme (DP)

Diploma Programme


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) at ISD is taught by experienced teachers, many of whom are IB examiners or are IB workshop leaders in their subject.

The programme is for students who are in their final two years of school, usually grades 11 and 12, and is a challenging two-year curriculum leading to final examinations at the end of the course. The IB Diploma is a qualification that is welcomed by the leading universities around the world.

A student who completes the full Diploma award takes six academic subjects: three at the higher level (HL) and three at the standard level (SL). At a minimum, their choice must include two languages, a humanity, a mathematics and a science course. In addition, there are three further components to complete. These are theory of knowledge (TOK), the 4000-word extended essay, and continual, balanced participation in creativity, activity, service (CAS) for the duration of the programme.

We have an inclusive policy for our IB Diploma Programme, which means we encourage most students to attempt the full IB Diploma. Usually, about 90% of our final year students are completing the full IB Diploma, while the remaining 10% may find that our ISD High School Diploma is better suited for their particular academic goals.

Perseverance Pays Off – The Diploma Programme at ISD