Service as Action (SasA) / Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)


All students from grade 6 to grade 12 participate in service to help build an understanding of what it means to be an informed, active, and responsible citizen.  Students are supported through this process by their teachers but have many options to design and drive their own service learning. They largely research and create their own programme of service and are taught to reflect on the impact of their engagement. Often, students work collaboratively in project groups to achieve broader impact.  Students work on service learning in classes, in homeroom, and independently.

Service may take the form of advocacy such as raising awareness of projects, raising money or goods to support charities, or it may be a direct service of working on-site where help is needed.

ISD students support a host of local and international charities in these ways. Our focus is on service learning where the acts of service are linked to learning opportunities and the expectation is that the projects are student-initiated and student-led as far as possible.


Some examples of local service projects conducted by ISD students include:

  • Student support of the International Peace Village in Oberhausen where children affected by war and crisis are treated and rehabilitated
  • Organization of activities and language classes for local refugees
  • Responsibility of audio and lighting support for our performing arts programme