As advocates for our students, we work in partnership with our learning community to affirm and support ISD’s overall mission, philosophy and educational principles. As such, we aim to develop each student’s academic, social and emotional competencies through the delivery of a developmentally and culturally appropriate counselling and Life Skills curriculum. In doing so, we strive to empower students to make choices that positively enhance their own well-being and that of others, now and for the future.

The senior school counselling department offers many different kinds of support for students and parents. From matters of a personal nature to career exploration and university admissions, our team of school counsellors provides students and parents with comprehensive support at all grade levels.

Beginning in grade 9, career exploration and university planning take on a prominent role. The counsellors reach out to students and parents for testing, career-exploration, university information sessions and application procedures. At the same time, students and parents in grades 9-12 are always welcome to initiate their own contact with the counsellors.

Students in grade 6-10 are supported by our life skills teachers who are dedicated to providing a guidance curriculum that focuses on the developmental needs of adolescents and their social, emotional and personal growth.

For more information about the ISD senior school counselling department and the support we provide to students and parents, please visit our website.

Elementary counselling is designed to promote the educational, emotional and social welfare of each student.  The counsellors meet with students in the classroom setting, in small groups and individually. Our counsellors also work closely with parents, faculty and administration.

We are giving our children the opportunity to explore and work on common concerns such as making and keeping friends, and transitions. Emphasis is placed on the continued development of social skills such as cooperation, respect and responsibility.

At ISD, we pride ourselves in giving special attention and support to all new students to aid in their transition and integration into the school community.