Learning Support (LS)

Learning Support (LS)

Learning Support


At ISD, we guide and encourage our students to meet their potential, while acknowledging and addressing their learning differences. We offer targeted support and teach appropriate strategies to transfer learning from various classroom settings. We regularly confer with students, parents, subject teachers, and any other professionals involved in a student’s development to design the best possible independent educational plan with long-term goals and short-term objectives.

When collaborating with subject teachers, we jointly determine a student’s gaps and learning skills. We also address assignments and questions about the student’s present levels of performance.

To gain a realistic understanding of their behaviours, we help our students use their learner profile to identify areas of strength and areas with needs for further development. This guides the students in understanding how their efforts and use of time have a direct impact on their learning. Students are then introduced and encouraged to put into practice diverse strategies from the following areas:

  • memory
  • organization and time management
  • work habits
  • study habits
  • health and well-being
  • literacy and numeracy skills


In addition, we employ a referral process that is initiated by a student’s year head and developed in conjunction with the parents. This entails creating and sharing a full psychological educational assessment which states the learning needs of the student. The assessment also makes recommendations for specific accommodations and/or modifications.

An individualized education plan (IEP), containing learning goals broken down into learning outcomes, is developed for each student by the assigned case manager.

Applicants to ISD who have received support in their former school are asked to provide documentation that might help our staff in providing continued support services to the new student.