Guiding Statements

Guiding Statements

Guiding Statements



Leading innovation in learning for a better world.



We inspire our students to be confident, creative and critical thinkers.
We work together to challenge and support our students to be successful and responsible in an evolving world.
We are an international community of learners.


We believe in

  • working together as a community of learners;
  • the ideals of internationalism and respect for individualism and diversity;
  • every child/everyone having access to success in a caring and supportive environment;
  • developing lifelong autonomous learners;
  • inspiring curiosity, innovation and creativity.



We believe that

  • learning happens best when all participants form positive relationships, set high expectations for their learning and feel secure in taking risks;
  • learning is most effective when the participants are inquisitive, active, and engaged in authentic learning tasks; when learners collaborate, evaluate their own thinking and have opportunities to act on feedback;
  • the learning process results in constructing new understanding and leads to action.